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607. Max De Hoyes

I do not intend to embarrass you with this mail, as we have not known each other. I am Max De Hoyes I come from Liberia, but presently in a Refugee Camp in Gambia, My father Mr.James Hoyes was a political ally and former Vice President and member of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) headed by the new deposed President of Liberia Mr Charles Taylor. Because of the involvement of my father in the political struggle in Liberia as a strong political figure, and as a chairman of the diamond board committee of Liberia my father was murdered (the doctorís report proved that he was poisoned) presently, our lives is under serious treat by the same people I consider to be my fatherís killer. Hence we moved to a refugee camp under the auspices of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). It may interest you to know that Taylor and his men confiscated some files bearing documents of cooperation and asset of astounding intricacy. Even now there are still some agitators and vigilantes obviously bankrolled by Taylor still sniffing around, so one must take precaution hence we fled to the camp.

Iím sure it will also interest you to know that the war in Liberia was only a mere distraction from a moreserious matter. The rage over territorial autonomy and control by factions of ignorant and arrogant mercenaries was of least significant in comparison to the one fought by prominent soldiers of rank with their prominent civilian counterparts over good, diamonds properties and whatever else that fuelled their business libido.

Taylor is greedy and he is ashamed. Despite my fatherís role, he killed him over a crap. Then offered to compensate his death with mere pecuniary pittance. Moves to cover his shame and purchase over trust. But I know what Charles want and until heís found it, cannot rest. I am privy to their fears, him and his little party of evil incendiaries. The Special Security Unit (SSU) and his dissidents of arm dealers.

They were afraid my late father would crash their party and he killed him. But his fears would continue to grow and haunt him as long as Hoyes`s blood run in my vein. As long as heís bared from getting hold of some evidence in my fatherís protection that would make estrada look like a saint. Evidences his Diamond money for sake of posterity wonít buy.

Before the death of my father, he informed me privately about aconsignment with a security company in Malaysia which he had deposited the sum of Twenty-nine Million Five Hundred thousand United States dollars only (29.5m). The money then was deposited as family Valuables to avoid eyebrow. The money was realized from the sales of diamonds to some of the diamond dealers in various countries.

I am faced with the dilemma of taking this money out and investing it. More so the monetary policy/law here in Malaysia does not favor us as asylum seekers to operate on such financial matters hence we need your assistance. We need you as our foreign partner to assist us contact the Security Company in Malaysia to move out the consignment to your region where we shall invest this money in a profitable business venture. Note that all document related to the consignment is with me which copies will be send to you on your willingness to assist us wholeheartedly, and contact of the Security Company will be given to you also. For your convenience,Therefore if you are willing and interested to assist us, please reach me via the email address as I do not have access to phones here in the Camp.

I kindly hope to read from you.

Yours Faithfully


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