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664. Miracle Chinesom
Subject: ReplyĖ

From the Desk: Dr. Miracle Chinesom. Presidential Committee on Appropriation, Contract Review and Re-award (PC-ACRR)

Official email:

Dear Sir,

I write to solicit your confidence in this transaction that I am about to introduce to you due to itís confidential and classified nature. I got your contact information from a business directory and I will require your collaboration to effect this transaction.

My colleagues and I are members of the Presidential Committee on Appropriation, Contract Review and Re-award (PC-ACRR). The PC-ACRR which is headed by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was set_up to identify and review inflated contracts awarded from General Ibrahim Babangida regime to General Abdulsalam abubakarís regime that handed over to present civilian government and because of our membership of the above body, we are privy to the information that is hereby revealed to you in this mutually rewarding financial transaction that we solicit your assistance to accomplish.

Our share of the trapped fund once freed shall be used to bring back goods to our country. In order to commence this business, we will require your assistance to free the said trapped fund by cooperating to effect itís transfer to your foreign account.

The fund in question came as a result of government officials in the last three regimes setting up private companies and ensuring that contracts were awarded to their proxy companies, many of these contracts were not executed while the executed ones were poorly done and grossly over-invoiced in various ministries. To correct this abnormities, the government of President Olusegun Obsanjo established the PC-ACRR and appointed chieftains of the ruling Peoplesís Democratic Party to itís membership. We have consequently identified several inflated and unexecuted contract funds that are presently floating in the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN).

We desire to release a particular contract fund from the several located ones, but our position as members of the PC-ACRR woud not allow us to acquire the fund in our name(s) or do so without foreign assistance. My colleagues in the PC-ACRR have therefore mandated me to source for an oversea partner into whose account the sum of $35,000,000.00 (Thirty-five Million United states Dollars) will be paid by telegraphice transfer, hence this written request.

We propose a sharing ratio upon the success of this transaction as thus: 60% for us (the officials), 30% for the foreign partner(s) and 10% for settlement of local and foreign expenses incurred by all parties involved during the course of this transaction.

Please note that this fund would be credited to your account once we receive your full cooperation to transfer the fund to your bank. The following will be required to commence this transaction: A suitable name into which the fund can be paid, name of your bank and account number and bank address. The above information will enable us prepare the necessary documents to re-ward the contract and effect payment transfer in your chosen/company name.

We solicit your confidentiality in this transaction and we look forward to doing business with you.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter through the committeeís official email:

Yours truly,

Dr. Miracle Chinesom.

official email:

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