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736a. Gracie Block
Subject: Masters Based on Working Experience pq5

Sorry to drop in on you, but you were referred to us by a friend / working=

As of January 2006 our University has started a work experience degree pro=
We can offer you 3 of the following choices:

- Associate Degree
- Bachelor's Degree
- Master's Degree

Our work experience / life experience degrees are the same degrees we give=
our full time students,
but we base them upon your past knowledge and therefore require no studyin=

Due to back logs we will need 1-2 weeks to verify your information and sen=
d your degree with transcripts in the mail.

Our Education office has someone available 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week.

If you are still interested then call us at:


736b. Herman Bolden
Subject: Can this be true?


Did you know a person with a De`gree makes over $332,000 more in a lifetime then someone without ?

We have invented a program where anyone is qaulified to get their 4yr D`egree in less then 2week, 100% verifiable.

Over 10million+ people have graduated from our program, and now cashing in on the benefits of a Gen_uine Coll`ege De`gree.

Do yourself a favor today that will change the rest of your life

Stop what you're doing right now & `call us now for more info 24hours a day 7days a week 1`2`0`6-984-2839.

See you later,
Isiah Higgins

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