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762. Dr.Mrs.Nana Mensah
Subject: From Dr.Mrs.N.Mensah

Dr.Mrs.Nana Mensah
Manager Eastern Region Chapter two Branch
International Commercial Bank of Ghana Ltd

Dear Sir
I am contacting you base on mutual trust as I do notwant problems but just hope you can assist me in actualizing the under mentioned project,I am incontrol of the sum of Four million, eight hundred and fifty thousand US dollars (USD$4,850,000.00) which was an excess of profit made by our Eastern Region Branch .Office in the Last quarter Financial Summery of last year 2005,The afore Mentioned amount have been carefully placed in an Escrow Deposit Account with systematize procedures without declaring it to my executives.

Can I really trust you to hold this money for me until I arrive your country and pick it up myself and you deduct 30% of the total money as your commission; if you accept my offer you can contact me immediately,All I need is you to provide me with a good current bank account where I can move this money through a laid down modalities, I will confidentially give you all the information concerning the account and the date of deposit so that you can apply to the bank for the release of the money,

There is practically no risk involved, It will be a Bank-to-Bank wire transfer,I hope you understand my situation. Be rest assured that this transaction is absolutely risk free. If you have any question regarding this proposal, feel free to ask and send reply to my private e-mail
Yous truly,
Dr.Mrs.Nana Mensah

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