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765. James Connery
Subject: THANKS



My name is James Connery, this correspondence is un-official and private, and it should be treated as such. I have a brief business transaction which we can work on, I work with Global Securities, a security company affiliated with the United States Customs and we have a consignment which is been confisticated due to the fact that the Consignment contains cash and the Diplomat that was supposed to deliver it to the rightful owner could not justify that he was carrying cash, under Diplomatic Cover pretence that he's not aware of the actual content of the boxes.

On further investigations, the consignment was confisticated but will be released with detailed confirmation of ownership. This we both can work on as an officer, I can make arranged documentations and back up to prove that you are the rightful owner, but this i cannot do on my own and since no one has come for the consignment.

What I will need from you is for you to contact us by Email or Phone and demand delivery of your consignment, (this will be after I have given you the code numbers of the consignment and all necessary paper works),pay the delivery fees and after verification which will be done by me the consignment will be delivered to you immediately.

As the case maybe, i wish to make adeal with someone i can trust to lay claims on the consignment and we can share the percentage, if interested, forward your contact info, Phone numbers and fax with a valid address so we can discuss on further details on this transaction and percentage.


James Connery

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