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777. Gary Sadler
Subject: Business project(Mutually benefitting)

Our intended partner,

I write to seek your sincere co-operation and trust in respect of a business opportunity in our company. We are a multinational firm in Europe with headquaters situated at the United kingdom.

We are into sales(Export),production and import of a wide range of computerised toys and games for children and adult. Our management board decision that we diversify & reach out to other countries mainly Mexico, America, Canada & Sub Regions in Europe prompts this offer.

Toyworld Group Plc. have a project at hand to establish various mini-market structures in some parts of the USA for the purpose of exhibiting our goods and services .,we shall have you to manage a particular outfit of ours in your location if you have the qualifications and capabilities.

We need credible individuals in the United States of America, Mexico, Canada & Europe. Your duty will be to help us establish a medium of getting to our customers in Mexico, America, Canada & Europe as well as receiving payments from them on our behalf. You will be given the opportunity to negotiate your mode of contract for which payment for your services will be made, subject to your satisfaction.

Basic payment for services will be:-
For the first 180 days, Representatives will receive 10% commission on every transaction processed. After the 180 day period, commission will increase to 15% on turnovers collected from our customers.

With this employment diversification drive, our aim of becoming one of the World leader in the production and export of a wide range of computerised toys and games for children and adult within the next ten years will be realized, provided representatives are trustworthy and want the growth of the company. It will be our utmost pleasure if you are interested in transacting business with us.

For more information and further proceedings, please provide us with the following details-
Your full name:
Cell number:
Fax number:
And your full contact address:
email address:
Bank name:

After which we shall send to you our contract agreement for your signatory/acceptance of this offer

I look foward to hearing from you.Please all your reply should be sent to my email :

Thank you in advance.
Yours faithfully,
Mr Gary Sadler(Executive director)
Toyworld Group Plc.
Tel: +447024061748
Fax: +448704784476

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