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1079. Mrs.Suzzan Savimbi


I am Mrs. Suzzan Savimbi, wife of Late Mr. JONAS SAVIMBI a mother of children. I know we have not met before but I am contacting you with due sense of humanity to plead for your kind indulgence to bring hope once again to my family after the death of my late husband MR. JONAS SAVIMBI of blessed momories. Since after the death of my beloved husband, my children and i have been restles. On behalf of my family, i am soliciting for an assistance to move the sum $12 million USD to your country for investment. The fund is presently in a security firm in Accra Ghana for safety since on the 12/2/2000. The real content was not declared as it was kept as photographic equipment.I need you as partner to assist in claiming the funds and provide good investment plans for it in your country.

The funds will be under your investment control for three years during which only the profit will be shared annually 70% for me and 30% for you annually. I am a Christian with the fear of GOD in any thing I am doing so please I want us to build trust to each other. All the necessary documents shall be sent to you as soon as you indicate your interest Right now i am in Accra Ghana for Asylum.With kind regards, i look forward to receiving your prompt and favourable reply with your full names, cell phone number, age, occupation and your contact address.

Yours sincere,
Mrs. Suzzan Savimbi
For The Family

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