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853. John White

Dear Partner,

Davcom Oil Corporation produces, refines and delivers high-quality petroleum and natural gas products that enrich the lives of our customers and help fuel the world's economy. Specializing in exploration, development, production, refining, distribution and marketing, our experience also extends to power and liquefied natural gas. Davcom Oil Corporation is jointly owned by John White a Briton and Connie McCoy an American.

We will be very glad if you can represent us in the United States of America/Canada and earn up to 10% of every payment made through you to us.

Please we will need you to help us with your personal details such as Full names, home/office address, phone and fax numbers respectively, you can also reach us on +44 703 184 0550 or email back @ should you be interested.

We patiently await your prompt response.

John White.
Executive Director.

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