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864. Church Ministry
Subject: Church Budget

Church Giving.

Church leaders do not want to have to worry about it and church members hate to hear about it. But, every ministry in your church depends on it. What if there was a Biblical way to increase giving that respected your members AND worked? No more high pressure, no more constant "passing the hat", and no more budget shortfalls. Find out the methods used by thousands of growing churches to increasing giving the painless way. In Him, --Curt Gunz
Here is the link for more information P.S. These proven methods work. You can take the PAIN out of church finances. Why not take just a few minutes and find out more? P.P.S. There is something that people never give to; if you ask them to, they will give even less. Do you know what it is? (Hint: Almost every church asks members to give to this and most church members hate it.)

Great Commission Resources P.O. Box 534 Lake Jackson, TX 77566

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