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866. SupportingYourClub
Subject: Opportunity Seekers

Genuine Business Opportunity

We are seeking smart resourceful and committed people to operate a unique and totally revolutionary business concept that within eighteen months will be the biggest company of its kind in the UK - I am offering the opportunity at absolutely no cost whatsoever to the franchisee other than a solid commitment to promote the products and services to a structured marketing plan for a period of at least six months,
(the opportunity can be operated on a part time basis initially - 3 to 4 months whilst generating cash flow if required)

I must stress - this is the easiest product you will ever be asked to sell , it sells itself and will provide promoters not only with strong ongoing income but also long term income in as much as every bit of business generated stays your business forever and continues to pay you - this concept will, applied correctly over a two year period generate you income for the rest of your life.

To good to be true?

For demo of business model and full details follow links



The opportunity applies equally to United States as well as United Kingdom residents and successful applicants will be also offered the opportunity, if they wish to purchase dividend shares in the parent company.

If interested in the above please mail me on

TomGearty@SupportingYourClub.Com or call on
0800 652 0517

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Sun Towers Building, 1st floor, Office #39
Betania, Panama City, Rep. Of Panama
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