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883. Deborah Martins
Subject: We can Trust you.


Dear Friend,

Good Day

How are you today? I know this mail may come to you as a surprise but the contact is necessary because of the need to save the lives of the children that we are taking care of.

My name is Deborah Martins and I live in London UK. I and my husband run a humanitarian agency which is now affiliated to Refugees International. We had to embark on this project because of the need to save the lives of women and children who are dying in various wars zone areas.

We have our officials working in Darfur Khartoum, Sudan and some other areas in Farchana camp and Abeche.

We are in contact with some International Donors in the United States who have indicated interest to support us with funds for the good work that we are doing. Right now some of them are ready to start sending the funds which we indicated for while others are still in negotiations with us.

However, they only have one question, Who Do We Contact for Payment?

I therefore write to inform you that we would appreciate if you stand on our behalf in receiving payments from our Donors from the United States.
You are to take 10% of any payment which you are going to receive from them. We have a list of 78 individuals and companies who have agreed to donate funds to our projects and we want to direct them to make payment through you.

We will appreciate you considering this request as your own contribution in saving the lives of these less privileged.

On this note, you should please send me the following information so we can forward to our Donors for immediate payment.

1) Your Full Names.

2) Contact Address.

3) Your Direct Phone Number (Mobil).

We were not able to receive this money ourselves because of the problem associated with International Monetary Transaction and because most of our donors in the United States are indicating on making payment with Certified Checks which are not cashable in the UK.

We believe these less privileges needs our help so much and we thank God for chosen us to do this work.
Waiting for your response.

Friendly Regards,

Deborah Martins.

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