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897a. Bruno Còstabile
Subject: From My J.O.B to an Extra $3000 A Day...

Amazing business offer

Mr. Costabile (see picture below) has informed this website that he was indeed responsible for the above piece of email spam but that he is now a reformed character, who is "no longer spamming, the whole idea is a waste of time".
He has a real estate business and he is the operator of the website:
to which the graphic in the above piece of spam provided a link.
Bruno Costabile's website
The CIA website has his email address and we will provide it to anyone who receives, or has received, any email spam from him to allow them to lodge a complaint.

897b. Angel Ramsbott
Subject: Get Your Own Profit Producing Website FR*EE

free website spam

897c. Carol Douthitt
Subject: Shhh... Biggest Secret to Wealth

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897d. Che Bhagwandin
Subject: JOB OPPORTUNITY -- Make $3,000 Per Sale, Work From Home !

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