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918. Work Directions/Education Associate
Subject: Important Notice from Work Directions - The Fastest Employee Search Engine

This email was sent to you by "Work Directions - The Fastest Employee Search Engine" and brings to your attention job offer, which might be interesting to you.

"Education Associate" (EA) is international organization, which provides postgraduate education for american/european/asian students in leading russian universities and academies. We offer best opportunities for studying, living and working in Russia and Eastern Europe for young people and adults. Due to constantly increasing number of clients in United Kingdom we open new position in our team till Oct. 25 2006.

Resident of United Kingdom for at least 3 years, degree; ability to use email and the internet; a sufficient amount of free time; knowledge of foreign language(s) is greatly desired; accountability and initiative; ability to establish contacts; minimal education required for this job: none.

For further informations and inquiries about the job offering, please send your contact details to

-Your full name
-Your contact emai
l -Your phone number and best time to reach you

MESSAGE ID: F2710/YN892001938
Work Directions - The Fastest Employee Search Engine, Copyright 2006.

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