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997. Franklin Benjamin
Subject: assistance

Dear Sir/Madam

reply back to

Good day, my name is FRANKLINE BENJAMIN. I just arrival in Johannesburg, South Africa few days ago. I really need your help to invest in South Africa.

I know you will be surprised to receive this mail, considering the fact that we don't know each other, However I got your contact details from the internet network search, before I precedes, I want you to know that I have $5.8 million DOLLARS (five million eight hundred thousand dollars) with me as I am sending you this email deposited in a private security company as vault. Please don't be surprised. I got the money from Liberia I was among the peacekeepers in Liberia. Rebels attacked our camp, so I ran away with the box of money including the instruction manual for the money.

I will explain more to you about the money when we meet. HELP ME INVEST THE MONEY HERE IN SOUTH AFRICA.

Don't be afraid, there is no way on EARTH any body knows that I am with the money. When the rebels attacked the camp. People died, I managed to escape with the box of money. Help me invest the money here in South Africa and I will give you a certain percentage. Lets say 15% of the total sum. 15% of $5.8 million

Reply my mail and send me your phone number and I will call you or you can call me on this number 07841-25415 and leave a message for me and I will get back to you. If you will help me, reply and call. I am in Johannesburg.

Waiting for your quick mail. The earlier the better. I need to travel to Liberia and bring my family so please I will really appreciate it if you will help me to invest the money. Another thing, I don't have any legal documents so please I need your help.

Please, if you will help me! Keep very confidential.
Phone number= 07841-25415 or reply my mail with your phone number and I call you.


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