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1105. EuroMillions Awards International
Subject: **!!!***!!!==:::THIS YOUR MATTER========!!!**

EuroMillions Awards International.
Via Principe Amedeo 2
20121 Milano
EuroMillions is Affiliated to Italian National Lottery
We are pleased to inform you of the Lottery result of EuroMillions Awards International New year Bonanza, which was held on the 2nd January, 2007.
Your e-mail address attached to e-ticket number: 05-32-777--45-50 (09-0712) , with Reference Number : 11062858716 drew a prize of 1,500,000.00 (One Million,Five Hundred Thousand Euros).
This lucky draw came first in the 2nd Category of the Sweepstake. You will receive the sum of 1,500,000.00 (One Million,Five Hundred Thousand Euros) from our authorized Paying Bank.
Because of some mix-up with sweepstake prizes, including the time limit placed on the payment of Prizes Won in the different categories,We strongly advice that you keep all information about this prize confidential until your Won-Prize 1,500,000.00 has been transferred to you by our approved paying bank.
You must adhere to this instruction, strictly, to avoid any delay with the release of your funds to your person as this program has been abused in past, hence we are doing our best to forestall further occurrence of false claims.
Your e-mail address attached to e-ticket number 05-32-777--45-50 (09-0712) was selected and; it came out first by an e-ballot draw from over 250,000 e-mail addresses (personal and corporate e-mail addresses).
Congratulations for becoming one of the few lucky winners.
NOTE:With your permission, your e-mail will also be included in the next sweepstake of 5Million.
You must claim your prize:
1,500,000.00 (One Million,Five Hundred Thousand Euros)not later than 7-days from the moment you receive this e-mail.
In order to avoid unnecessary delays with your claim from the bank; please contact our appointed and accredited financial experts in holland who are vested with the responsibility of ensuring that all winners have their winnings duly verified/processed and notarised,for clearance and tranfers authorisation be obtained in your favour to have our bankers tranfers your prize to your account without delays.
Here is the contact information:
Atlas Financial Bv, Amsterdam.
Contact Person and Claim
agent: Mr. Boyer Ruuben.
Tel:/Fax: 0031-847-304-770


Josephine Di Wangui (Ms.) CPA.
Lottery Co-ordinator.
Note:There is a deadline for claims of prizes and at that date all unclaimed prizes would be returned as unclaimed and your winning cancelled.

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