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1131. Adidas Sport World
Subject: World of Sports....Promotion Notification

This is to inform you of an award of Five Hundred Thousand Pounds (500,000.00 Pounds) and a Golden Boot from Adidas Company

This online promotion award is to raise the profile and popularity of Adidas Company.

You have been approved to claim the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Pounds(500,000.00 Pounds) and a Golden Boot,as one of the winners of this year Adidas Company Annual Promotions, the promotion takes place annually to challenge and to take market share from the popular imported wears. Your email falls within our European booklet representative's office in United Kingdom, our United Kingdom Project Manager will commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds and Golden Boot as soon as you contact him. Find the contact details below;

Mr. Robinson Cole
Adidas Promotional Claims Officer.
Tel: +447024093768

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