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1132. Miss Titi Cherif
Subject: FROM miss Titi cherif ples help me

Thank you so much for your I hope you are fine, Pls i really gave this issue a second thought before i decided to contact you and relate this matter before you as to seek for your kindhearted help and assistance as i have no other alternative considering my present condition as an orphan Pls i pray that God will grant you the heart to fully understand my problems and my uncomfortable situations

Really i want to use this means to contact you in respect of my late father's consignment deposited with a private security company, Firstly I am Miss Titi as i have previously indicated, My father was the director of cocoa farmers assocation in my country and he was into cocoa business as well, My Father deposited some amount of money ($4.5 million) inside a box and deposited it as a consignment with a private security company as there was no possible means he could safe keep this money, This was because of the war in my country and this was the only means and way which my father could possibly move out this money from our country because of the political war,

My father used his posiion to move out this consignment through a diplomatic means to the security company's affiliated vault outside my country because of the war, My father had the intention to travel over to the security company's vault outside our country to claim and retrive back this consignment and use the money for an overseas investment, Before he was killed, as a result of the political war in my country which i believe that you must have heared about it over the news media, Pls since i am left alone as an orphan having lost my father and other members of my family that is why i have decided to contact you to seek for your total hlp and assistance in retriving this consignment since due to my age as a girl and coupled with my present situation and my inablity to travel out of my country to the vault of the security company, i want you to help me to claim and retrive this conignment and have the money invested in your country and as well help me to relocate to you! ! r country to start my life again a my privte email Id at ( )

Pls i am willing to offer you 20% of the money inside the consignment as soon as it is claimed and retrived from the vault of the security company, Most Especially a lasting relationship is what i will so much cherish and appreciate from you as i am left alone, I will like to become a part of your family i will cherish to be seriously closer to you and have you as my Guardian, My Companion My Partner and Dearest One, Pls i am willing to detail you more and more about this matter i want you to know that this is the only inheriance which my father left which is presently within my possesion as my wicked uncle has totally taken over all that my loving father left, It is the only hope that i have to start my life again therefore i will higly need your total consent in this matter.

I am waiting for your soonest reply and i will tell you more about this matter May God bless you as you consider to help and assist me an orphan towards this matter

Yours orphan in need
Miss Titi
my privte email Id at ( )

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