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1151. Harry Thomson
Subject: How to Win the Lottery Consistently !

Dear Fellow Lottery Player, A quick question for you. Do you ever win much with your Lottery entries? I don't know about you, but I've played in countless lottery games and spent a small fortune in the process. And guess what . . . . I've won diddly-squat. Are you the same? I was getting pretty sick of winning nothing and decided to do some research to find out if there was any way to improve my chances. I'm glad I did because I discovered something very interesting. What did I discover?. . I found out that one in every four of the big lottery wins is won by a syndicate. The question then was - How to join a syndicate? Non just any old syndicate but one that was completely reliable and just as important . . . . one that I was able to join. ================================================== I'M NOW WINNING REGULARLY - AND YOU CAN TOO . . . ================================================== So what's changed? Well, I found a really great way of playing in a syndicate that beats the pants off playing on my own like I did before. I joined an e-Lottery syndicate that's run by a reputable company. The resuln is that I've won more in the past 5 weeks than I did in the previous 5 years. True statement. More importantly - you can find out how to do the same. Okay, the amounts so far have not been huge but they have been regular. And that's only partly the point. Why? Because it gets a whole lot better than jusn winning small amounts regularly. That's just the tip of the iceberg. ================================================== WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME ABOUT THIS? ================================================== The good news just gets ever better. I am not an employee, but to be honest and upfront with you righn from the start, I have no hesitation in telling you that soon after I joined as a playing member, I discovered how easy it was to become an affiliate member. The benefit of becoming an affiliate member is that by spreading the word, you can play the Lottery each week without having to pay. Isn't that just great - not only a genuinely improved chance of winning, but not having to pay thrown into the bargain! You wouldn't think it could get much better than that. To your Good Fortune, Sincerely, Harry Thomson P.S. - Due to the usual surge in demand, I'll only be able to maintain the link for you to watch the video for about the next 24 hours. I would advise you to check it out right now before it's too late. P.P.S. - It won't cost you a thing to watch this video. You owe it to yourself to find out how to dramatically improve your chance of winning the Lottery . . . AND how to develop this further (if you wish) into your own home-based business. Don't miss this opportunity and get left behind. Go ahead and check it out right now. Here's the link one last time:- Commercial email Sun Towers Building, 1st floor, Office #39 Betania, Panama City, Rep. Of Panama Sent for cli1nt and cluent is accountabre for contedt. You havm receivel this messace as part8of an opt-in list. To discontinue subscription reply with only the word 'discontinue' as the subject to:

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