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1162. Mr Abu Karom
a.k.a. Mr Usman Garba

MR ABU KAROM. / MR usman garba
The Manager of Audit and Account Department,
Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso.

Dear Friend,

Please read carefully and get back to me, I hope that you are well today.I am the Manager of Audit and account dept of our bank, with due respect, i decided to contact you over this business financial transaction worth the sum of EIGHTEN MILLION THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ($18,300,000m) in other to entrust this fund into your bank account.

This is an abandoned fund that belongs to the one of our bank customers who died along with his entire family on 25th July,2001 in a plane crash disaster. I was very fortune to meet the deceased file when i was arranging the old and abandoned customers files of 2000-2001 in other to submit to the bank managements accordingly for documentation purposes.

Following our banking financial policy, it was obviously indicated and signed law fully that if such money remains unclaimed after five years without somebody been a foreigner apply and claim the fund as the next of kin , the money will be transferred into the Bank Treasury as an unclaimed fund.

So the request of you as a foreigner is necessarily needed for the claim because a citizen of Burkina Faso cannot come forward to claim the fund since the law does not permit an indigene to claim such fund Since the real beneficary of the fund is died , the bank are expecting the next of kin to apply for the release of the fund for him or her without delay but unfortunately i learnt through the investigations which I carried out that there is nobody behind who can come and claim the fund.

Therefore I want you to apply to the bank with your reliable bank account details where our bank will transfer the fund into and immediately the fund is transferred into your account ,i will share the fund according to the percentage indicated below.

SIXTY PERCENT (60%) of the total fund will be for me.THIRTY PERCENT( 30%) for you in provision of the Bank account.FIVE PERCENT(5%) will be for unexpected expenses which may occur during the transfer.FIVE PERCENT(5%) will be preserved for helping the helpless people, like charity organization and motherless babies. Thereafter you will help me to visit your country for sharing the money according to the percentage indicated above.

And for the immediate transfer of this fund into your bank account as arranged, you must apply first to the bank as the only existing next of kin to the deceased customer and after approval which will take place immediately as you applied, the transfer of the fund into your nominated bank account will proceed Please note that you should keep this business secret until you confirm the transfer into the bank account which you will provide. And there is NO RISK in this business.

The bank will forward to you all necessary documents related to the transfer and which will prove that you make a legal claim of inheritance. It is true that i pray to GOD before i was pushed forward to contact you for this business but i want you to assure me solemnly that you are atrsutwothy,reliable,honest and capable to avoid cheating me in this business.If you are really sure of your integerity,reply immediatelly you receive this mail for more detailed information on how the process to transfer the fund into your account will be.

Yours faithfully,

MR ABU KAROM. / MR usman garba.

After some encouragement . . .

From: usman garba <>
Subject: yo ba

Where are u presently.
I will like the boss of bank to recieve an international phone call in respect this money. They are scared to shit when it's america. I will tell u how to approch him.
Hope u know that this money will still be taken by the board of directors at the end of the day if i can't it. So it's my chance in life that is why i came across the discket containing the whole informations about this account and late owner.
So i want to know where u at and when it will be convinient for u to make the call and i will give u a rundown on what to say.
It's nothing hard just to tell him to send his private email account so that u can apply for the balance of some money ur partner left in thier bank. That's all. The rest will be by email and i suppose will end in about 7days...
Be realistic... Hussler. Don't forget that u will earn 1million bucks from this or u know that the life is danmed.
I will be waiting for ur urgent responce. And about ur data,,,That is absolutly necessary cos i don't know u. We have get down before the money goes into ur account. Not that i don't trust u but this is not some joke either

From: usman garba <>
Subject: yo ba

This is no joke,let's be real. As a matter of fact i am very happy to read ur reply to my first mail. I know where i will have a problem with this deal is from the forign partner that i will use him and his account collect this money. How reliable is that. But that is not my problem now. All i want is to get this thing on the way so that it will end before the first week of december. My only dauther is 15 and will have a major kidney operation by next year or she will die. This has to done in the states and with money too. As a matter of fact i have descided to spend the rest of my life in the states and this is the begining of that draem.
I will not take much of ur time.
The name of the director general of the bank is Mr. Micheal kafando. Yesterday,i got the private work email address of his secetary Mrs Janet brema.
I don't want any mistakes so u will send the application and i have drafted one for u below.
Send it to the bank. Mrs Brema will bring the application to the knowldge of the board of directors faster.
The application contains where u will fill out ur account informations as the account that u will like to recieve the money with.
Call me immediatly u do so on 00226 76 01 77 82 so that i will monitoring the turn out of events.
I will be waiting for ur urgent responce.

..........................................................ATTN: Mrs. Janet Brema 00/00/2007

Dear Madam
ROUTING N-:91002211

I,............................, humbly apply to the bank as next of kin to your deceased customer, Mr. Morris Thompson, an American National who died on November 17, 2000 in a plane crash.
I humbly apply and put claim over his balance with the bank, which is valued at USD10.3million dollars left in his account still unclaimed, until his sudden death, we were business associates, jointly in exposition and buying of gold and diamond and also blood relatives.
The funds were transferred into his account through our bank, for purchase of gold and diamonds. I wish to advise your bank to kindly return the funds to this account.

Information as stated below:

Bank name:
Bank Address:
Account Number:
Bank fax and phone number:



Wishing my application to be given an urgent attention, as I wish the balance be released, and transferred into my account details.
Accept my apologies for the late application it was due to some family logistic problems, which have been just settled. Thanking you for your anticipated co-operation.

Your sincerely,

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