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1188. Delixi Consults & Co

Dear Sir/Madam,
A company, Delixi Consults based in People Republic of China, is in need of representatives in Europe and North America to represent its interests with some companies that export products from China to this continents This message is send in english for universal understanding. Our company Tao & Wang Associate, a small consultant company in P.R. of China has been mandated to seek individuals in North America for this purpose. We are able to get your email address with the help of marketing research based on your location.

The representatives will act as a receiving payment agents and also placing orders for goods and products from customers. You can be compensated with between 7% and 15% for your service. We guarantee you a minimum of$2,000 monthly part time and can reach $20,000 based on the volume and experience as time goes on. All this is possible because of delay in getting approval for oversea branch.

If you are interested and for more information, please send an email with your name and address and cell phone number and fax to:
Thank you.
Mike Williams (marketing),
for Delixi Consults & Co

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