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1204. Frank Songo
Subject: Greetings in the name of God.
Reply-To: "frank" <>

From Frank Songo
Abidjan,Cote d'Ivoire
West Africa,

Greetings in the name of God. My name is Frank Songo from Sierra Leone. My father and I escaped from our country at the heat of the civil war ,As a result of the political instability in my country even after the war, My father established his cocoa and coffee export business in Abidjan,Ivory Coast.

He was in Buake, a northern city to negotiate for the purchase of a cocoaplantation when he was shot and killed by the rebel troupes fighting to takeover the government of the country on the 22nd September, 2002. The death of my father has now made me an orphan and there by exposing me to danger.Before the unfortunate death, My late father had in his personal account with a bank here the sum of $2.5m.

As a result of the present in security of lives and property in this country, I wish request that you assist me use your account in your country to transfer the balance of my father's account. Again to assist me with a letter of invitation that will make me get a visa to your country for residence inorder for me to continue our education and to invest the fund in a viable business venture.

I and the rest of my family have decieded to give you 10% of the total sum for your kind assistance,while 5% has been marked for any expenses like phone calls,the world is full of bad people please i am not saying you are bad person but consider that this is money and how the money was gotten,it is inheritace and last hope,If this is acceptable to you,Then reply me as soon as you get this message,so that we can discuss further on this matter.

Thanks and GOD bless us.

Frank Songo.

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