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1279a. XP floppy
Subject: Attract any woman!

Remember how you felt when your dream girl shot you down? Well now you never have to feel that way again! ALPHA-Pheromones have been proven to work, and are guaranted to increase your attractiveness to women of all ages. Just look at some of the testimonials we have received back from 100% satisfied repeat customers! :

""So here is my testimonial, I ordered a bottle of ALPHA-Pheromones and it showed up a couple days later in the mail. Some friends were over when the mail arrived and right away they were asking me what this stuff was, so I told them. Right away they are on my case about buying some "love potion" and saying I was scammed. Of course, since I paid out the money I right away started to defend my purchase. My friends and I decided to go for lunch, so I put a couple sprays on to test it out. Well, we are at this restaurant and the waitress was being nice, which is expected since that is kinda her job. We are all finished up with the lunch and the waitress, straight out, asks me if I would like to go out with her and her friends to a show they are going to tonight!!! I was floored, I of course said yes.......and we have been dating ever since :). All I can say is ALPHA-Pheromones really works!!"
Robert, Fort Polk, LA

"Incredibly satisfied with your product. Works just as advertised. I work at a kiosk at the mall here, so I'm in contact with alot of women daily, and have had far better responses in getting eye contact, flirting, and getting numbers ( even w/o asking!) since using ALPHA-Pheromones. Incredible stuff. Works just as well when I go out at night to the clubs. Sorry I can't give you any referrals, but ALPHA-Pheromones is MY secret weapon!"
Bill, New York, NY

Don't be left out!
ALPHA-Pheromones have been studied extensively and profiled on such media outlets as Oprah Winfrey show, ABC, FOXNEWS, and magazines such as FHM and PLAYBOY!

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1279b. HGH Life&trade
Subject: Become immune to the passage of time!

Become immune to the passage of time!

Because we now know that old age is simply a state of hormonal deficiency, of lacking the previously bountiful hormone of youth, it only follows that the symptoms of old age are actually symptoms that can be reversed, with HGH Life™...

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1279c. Office
Subject: Attract any woman attention with Alpha-Pheromones Perfumes.

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crashes viruses Use for: Backing BookEmail history Sharing between computers Easily move

require signing loyalty oath. Quietly wearing antiBush Tshirt

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