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1305. Musa Ibih
Subject: Hello


Please dont be annoyed with my mail to you more especially as we did not know each other previously. The fact is that i am holed up here in dakar-senegal with 19.5 million american dollars, and i am faced with the problem of taking it out of here as it is not safe here, i was wondering if you could help me out, note also that this money rightly beleongs to me and there is nothing to fear about, why i neeed your help is because the law here does not warant me to handle such amount of money.

please note also that i wish you could also help me in the investment of this money, i need your urgent reply, then i will give you more explanations and how we are going to share this money we are going to discuss then. Please do not betray me, if you are not interested please delet this mail and forget about it. May God bless you as i wait for your mail.


Musa Ibih.



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