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1311. Barrie Martin
To: Vampires L. Malfunction <>
Subject: More Information

Dear Vampires,

Thanks for your mail, at first I must assure you that this business is totally free of risk and trouble. I wouldn't have involved myself in this transaction if it is not safe. This is my over two decades in banking cycle besides that I am from a royal family and I will never do anything that will tarnish or jeopardize the good image of my family.

My word is my bond and I value it more than dollar. I decided to make use of this great opportunity because if I leave this money in this account for the next 6 months to come the fund will be taken over by the government for there selfishuse.

You should give priority attention to this business if you are really capable of handling this business that requires great trust and onfidence bearing in mind that this is not a regular business that comes and goes, it is a God sent opportunity and such opportunity usually comes once in a man's life time.

What we should all learn from the life of DECEASED is that we should try to be useful not only for ourselvesbut for others as well since, as you see, that is all what remains when we return to the Creator, no need to explain further since you are follower of GOD. Nothing can be taken with us only the meaning of our actions and memories we leave with others as well. God had intended and ordered for us to be in contact.

I have no doubt about that. The DECEASED lived only for himself. Now it is given to us to divert this life back to the use of the community.

The deceased, Late Mr. Rafik Hariri, ,Until his death he was the Manager of HARIRI INVESTMENT [pty]UK London . He held this account with a prime bank, Bank Of Scotland In'ltd. Bank Of Scotland In'ltd. I work with this bank, Bank Of Scotland In'ltd United Kingdom London . I am the personal account officer to the deceased before his death on February 14, 2005 when explosives equivalent to around 300 kg of C4 were detonated as his motorcade drove past the Saint George Hotel i n the Lebanese capital, for more information please log on to ( .

I am 58 years of age. I am from a Royal Barrie family in I am from a Royal BARRIE family in Manchester Somers Town ,London , I cannot do anything that will spoil the good name of my Great family or, tarnish your own image.

I am ready to conclude this business with you hoping that my trust and confidence in you is not in any way misplaced. As such I will like you to send me the safe account detail where you will like the fund to be transferred. It is better we use an already existing account, it can be an active empty account as it is not good to use a virgin account for this purpose.

On receipt of the above information and a strong assurance from you that my trust and confidence in you is not misplaced, I will then start to process the transfer of the fund to your account without further delay. I will forward an application for fund release on your behalf to the bank.

I will also forward your account detail to the Ministry of finance for foreign transfer approval in your favour. So as soon as the fund is approved for transfer to your account, you as the foreign beneficiary of the fund will be required to our foreign offshore payment centre in Holland [Netherland],or here in UK London ,Malaysian for the signing of the final fund release order.

After the signing the fund will be transferred to your account in your present and you will call your bank to confirm receipt of the fund in your account. On confirmation of the successful transfer of the fund to your account, I will then fly over to meet you up in Holland so that I can go back with you to your country like one family for sharing and investment as I stated in my first letter of proposal.

At the moment you should not tell your bank that large amount is to be transferred into your account until after you must have signed the final fund release order form in our foreign offshore payment office in Holland because that will be the only time all the documents to back up the transfer as a legitimate fund which does not originate from drug, money laundry, terrorism or any other illegal act will be ready in your name and will accompany the fund to your account so that you bank will not ask any question.

At the conclussion of the transfer 50% of the fund will be for me, I will give you 35% of the total transfer sum, 10% for charity both in British and in your country while the remaining 5% will be set aside to settle expenses both parties might incure during the transfer process.

Looking forward to a mutual beneficial partnership and welcome you to Uk London would be my great pleasure, I remain. Try to call me as soon as you received this mail.Call me now +447031836816.

Let me hear from you.
Best regards,
Mr.Barrie Martin

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