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1321. Mr. Nava
Subject: Employment from home

Part time work (the Financial Manager). We pay 8 % from the sum of transaction.

Express Overview:

Work on a post "the financial manager" consists of reception of money resources from clients of our company and transferring them to us. For every transaction we pay 8 % from the sum of transaction. To work it is necessary for you to have:

- Knowledge of the PC, Internet and e-mail
- The bank account
- 18+ Age
- The majority, full capacity
- An opportunity to work 2-3 hours per day
- No criminal records

You can begin to work after the agreement with our labor contract.

For your convenience we have prepared the special form which will help you to inform us about you.



I am Santiago Nava, a general manager of international company REST Pro and I have a favorable offer for you.

Now it is a little about our company. We are engaged in selection and deliveries of office technical equipment in various firms and organizations. With our help problems with a choice of the offices equipment are solved - we take this problem on ourselves. Our company works since 2002 and we have achieved good results - we have hundreds of constant clients. At the moment we have some plans for the further development. In our plans is development of our international activity and work with foreign clients of Europe and the USA.

To offer to our international clients more favorable and comfortable conditions we have made the decision to create an international network of regional agents. We have opened a set of employees in various areas of the world. It has allowed our clients to get access to a wider assortment of the goods, than before. In fact, earlier, many suppliers refused to work with us for the reason that realization of the international deliveries demanded registration of various documents and was problematic for the legal persons.

Today we suggest you to work with us on a post “the Financial manager”. Function of the financial manager is reception of money resources from the legal persons - clients of our company - and the further transferring to our representatives.

Requirements for work with us: age from 18 till 60 years, opportunity of Internet connection, opportunity to check e-mail not less than 3 times a day, the bank account, the responsibility, accuracy and punctuality, skill to work with the Western Union system. If you are interested in our offer and you want to earn money with us you can send to us information about yourself. We’ll send you documents for the further work.

We pay 8 % from each transaction.

There is not any starting payments or pledges for the goods!
It is your really favorably chance to earn!
Start to work right now! For the beginning with us you need to fill works only labour agreement

Send us your request by email and receive application within next 24 hours.


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