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1330. Branch Banking and Trust
Subject: Important banking mail from BB&T! (mess_id: V6065424)
Sent: [16/04/2007 22:51 ] 16/04/2007 22:51

BB&T phish

SOFD: 0x1953
source: 0x8330, 0x271, 0x74, 0x6, 0x570
S64: 0x232, 0x58960366, 0x60807591, 0x788, 0x3, 0x25753875, 0x7
1PJP update
9F1J, MDC start, update
start: 0x53933439, 0x31877764, 0x06938230, 0x3420, 0x92223035, 0x5738, 0x3, 0x0849, 0x429

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