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1338. Tao & Wang Import & Exports

Good Day,

   My name is Lui Chong you can call me Chong.I am an international Marketing manager of the Tao & Wang import and exports and I am based in Hong Kong. First i must thank you for giving a thought to our initial email and giving consideration to being our payment officer.Our customers who are ready to pay some of their outstanding debts will be asked to make contact with you or you with them as the case may be(if you are selected to work with us).

   We are an organization that started years ago although there are quite some numbers of such organizations here but ours is designed with a difference. Our organization deals on sale of raw materials like (CHEMICALS I.E calcium cabonate,sodium hydroxide,iron ii oxide etc in several chemicals substances.

   We export into the Canada/America and some parts of Europe. We need your assistance in establishing a medium for getting to our customers in Europe, North America/Canada as well as making payments through you to us. Some of our customers are ready to start making payments right now. The way it works is this, I inform the company that we have a payment officer, they call you to ascertain and confirm a few facts and then they eventually make out payment. You receive the payment which will either be in cheque and/or money orders you remove your commission(between 7% and 15%) and based on instructions received from us, remit ours the remainder. If we are able to build and sustain this business relationship (based on trust of course), then the frequency of the payments and amounts will definitely increase.

   I would greatly appreciate it if you can confirm your address,phone number and other releveant details for me again,this is a safe measure to know exactly who we are dealing with and also to know if you are really serious about working with us. I would pass it along to our customers and within a few days they would contact you and perfect modalities of getting the payment across to you. I will Endeavour to contact you via the phone number you have provided before then.

   Thanks and hope this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial business relationship.Please be notified that all future correspondents should come to me at this email address. As soon as I get your resume and other information I shall send you our company form. Thank you.

Regards, Mr. Lui Chong.


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