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1361. AnYang Iron & Steel Incorporated

AnYang Iron & Steel Incorporated
1202 Huatong Mansion, Yong Ding Lane,
Wuxi, Jiangsu 214001

Dear Sir/Madam,


AnYang Iron & Steel Incorporated principal activities are manufacturing and selling of steel, iron and steel/iron extended products. Other activities include manufacturing and marketing of metallurgy products and byproducts, raw materials of metallurgy and chemical products. The Company also undertakes the technological development, cooperation and advisory.Major products include construction materials, moldings, board materials and pipe materials. The Company sells its products in the People's Republic of China, Europe, Southeast Asia, America,Hong Kong and Macau.

Now our company has taken about one-sixth market share in China since its establishment in 1996. Today our products are widely used in the industries such as electric power, petrochemical, coal, papermaking, refinary, mining, cement, agriculture & husbandry, medical and scientific research, education, etc.

Now we are looking for ACCOUNT KEEPER in America and Europe.The reason we seek your urgent asisstance is that most of our customers make payment in cheques and American and Europe check takes a longer time to clear here in China thereby holding business down for us and our business associates.

Salary is based on percentage level.For every payment you receive from our customers on our behalf is 15% commission.You will also be receiving 2.5% bonus annually for all payment receive through you to us.

If you are interested in this part time job offer please forward to us the following information;

1) Your Full names:
2) Contact address:
3) Home/office phone number:
4) Occupation
5) Age:
6) Sex:

Note:Forward your contact information to me through my private mail:

Also note that you don't need to make any upfront payment for this Job offer and your bank account information is not needed too.

Yours Sincerely
Mr.Li Wenshan
CEO AnYang Iron & Steel Incorporated

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