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1375. Albert Glover
Subject: Please Confirm Your Interest


I request with due regards to you, a discreet business relationship. Am a freelance,independent investment broker based here in Britain. I was consulted by a (Now late) erstwhile top-ranking member of a frontline liberation movement in Angola,whose organization had engaged the Angolan government in a protracted civil war since 1975.

My Late client who wished to channel $18.5million into productive ventures instead of war died under Political Detention and based on my initial understading with him ,I now look to make this investment discreetly under discretionary asset management arrangement for his immediate family(His Wife and 2 Daughters).

I have contacted you on the consideration that I could discuss with you on the possibility of me placing this fund with you for management either in your existing establishment or other venture to be undertaken at your discretion under terms to be agreed upon.I prefer that this investment be made in your country as initially agreed between me and my late Client.I would be expecting your response bearing your contact details in order that we may discuss further in detail as to what your benefits would be in this mutual beneficial aimed Project.

Yours faithfully,
Albert Glover
Asset Managers Ltd,
Suffolk, CB8 9AA,UK

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