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1390. Victor Dabi

TEL: +27 83 9985295


I have the honor and confidence to introduce this business to you, in view that you will be our partner. Obviously, you will be surprised to read this letter from me, but consider it as request from a stranger in need of a foreign partner.

I got your contact via the net when searching for a name that will best sooth our plans, though we at last decided to use any name since what matters is being able to present unquestionable information. I am Mr. Victor Dabi, an Auditor contracted by AMALGAMATED BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA (ABSA). In the course of auditing I discovered the account of one Mr. T.J. Martins, a foreigner and a miner with a balance of US$26 MILLION (TWENTY SIX MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS).This account was opened in 1995 and has not been transacted with since July 2001, as a result was placed dormant since July 2003. This development prompted an investigation that lasted for six months, it was however discovered that the owner of this account died on the 11th of September 2001 in the plane crash that hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center in America. Unfortunately for the late client he did not leave any clue or lead that could help the bank locate any of his relatives.

The bank is ready to welcome any person (a foreigner) who has the correct information to lay claims to the money. I have all the information in my possession and will make them available to you at the appropriate time if we agree to move forward. All that is needed from you firstly is to indicate interest in the transaction and the rest of the process will follow. I am only involved in this transaction with a senior staff of the bank, which will remain anonymous until the end of the transaction, but will be instrumental to endorsing all approvals that will be given by the bank. We have unanimously agreed to give you 25% of the above amount and also assuring you that this transaction is 100% risk free. My only worry is the safety of the money once it gets into your account, hence we must draft a business agreement that will be binding to all of us. We expect to conclude the business in less than 14 days.

I look forward to receiving your acceptance letter in order to give you more details on the process of the transaction.


Victor Dabi.

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