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1393. The Co-operative Internet Banking '07
Subject: The Co-operative E-Banking Strongly Recommends Ref: 526
Thu, 10 May 2007 10:21:44 -0200

Co-operative Bank phish

[1] After all, an astrologer,--nay, a cabalist--is not so monstrous a prodigy in the nineteenth century! In the year 1801, Lackingtou published a quarto, entitled _Magus: a Complete System of Occult Philosophy; treating of Alchemy, the Cabalistic Art, Natural and Celestial Magic,_ &c. --and a very impudent publication it is too. That Raphael should put forth astrological manuals is not a proof of his belief in the science he professes; but that it should _answer_ to Raphael to put them forth, shows a tendency to belief in his purchasers. 0 much-abused and highly-slandered passion! --passion rather of the soul than the heart: hateful to the pseudo-moralist, but viewed with favouring, though not undiscriminating eyes by the true philosopher: bright-winged and august ambition! It is well for fools to revile thee, because thou art liable, like other utilities, to abuse! The wind uproots the oak--but for every oak it uproots it scatters a thousand acorns.

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