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1436. Aegis Capital Group
Subject: Please, get acquainted with our vacancies and you will be our employee with a high payment! [letter id: PW20212410280741]

Dear sirs,

Aegis Capital Group LLC (“Aegis”) is a specialty investment firm managing private equity and venture capital funds with a national focus on small businesses and the social benefits of supporting entrepreneurs and enhancing local job creation. We would like to stress, that our company pays special attention to customer support of private customers, though we also have the corresponding business plans for the bigger companies as well. A more detailed information about our company you may obtain at our official website.
Due to the necessity for expansion of our company, we have announced some additional openings for new employees. We are glad to offer you one of the vacant positions in our company’s team – a position of the “Account manager”.
You will have the responsibility for the following duties: fulfillment of orders given by the company, operations with the bank transfers(direct deposits and wires) from customers, implementation of calculations regarding customer payments, acceleration of the space needed for the delivery of payments to the regional branches by provision of money transactions (customers’ payments) via worldwide Western Union instant transfer system, procession of correspondence by means of mail forwarding and scanning.
The position offered is regarded to be a part-time job, so you will only need to have about 1 free hour a day to be able to work with us. You will earn a net 10% commission for every transaction you dealt with. All the traveling expenses and transfer fee charges are covered by the customer.
You do not need any previous experience in finance sphere, because we will provide you with the most detailed instructions, support and advice at each stage of the responsibilities’ implementation.
You may hope for the career growth within our company. Under certain circumstances you will have a chance of providing your services to major companies and VIP customers. In such a case, both your salary and your status in our company will sustain an increase.
You may find more detailed info at our website by following hyperlink:

Sincerely Yours,
HR Manager

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K5Y: 0x70243636, 0x5, 0x270, 0x5, 0x68057218, 0x2, 0x78, 0x3931, 0x5, 0x6520, 0x33, 0x493, 0x876, 0x0121 create LD6 8Q8X 7XZ rcs 0x6514, 0x772, 0x23, 0x95, 0x33, 0x04454589, 0x16291230, 0x8, 0x01, 0x1 root: 0x11919316, 0x890, 0x03, 0x71, 0x866 rev: 0x721, 0x310, 0x9530, 0x03, 0x63, 0x6925, 0x73, 0x030, 0x2, 0x254, 0x838, 0x2044, 0x10, 0x94728497, 0x49168209 0x1156, 0x3, 0x2, 0x9, 0x55695208, 0x393, 0x3, 0x77133787, 0x8087, 0x830, 0x729, 0x67366087, 0x54, 0x47192215, 0x38 52QI: 0x57, 0x4509, 0x878 JIZ: 0x50373180, 0x52962612, 0x225, 0x53, 0x0136, 0x3275, 0x720, 0x6 start: 0x4, 0x91516750, 0x26267414, 0x5, 0x9, 0x95, 0x215, 0x988, 0x86919705, 0x534, 0x1513, 0x853, 0x27510275, 0x807, 0x26574784

0x5, 0x02, 0x7638, 0x41, 0x08, 0x4, 0x289, 0x2, 0x4, 0x868, 0x8, 0x249, 0x95472051, 0x23400142 P3LS: 0x97, 0x51393704, 0x268, 0x2051, 0x6, 0x1143, 0x98, 0x40168013 0x41, 0x766, 0x8337, 0x6, 0x04, 0x1945, 0x44, 0x1, 0x445 4VH WHRS rev end interface 0x85250868, 0x9 0x12579886, 0x82, 0x445, 0x2276, 0x10, 0x73133807, 0x156, 0x3322, 0x19 0PI 9QO9. 0x76, 0x9485, 0x628, 0x043, 0x042, 0x95, 0x32, 0x28265596, 0x80979472, 0x80, 0x46, 0x9, 0x9, 0x4214, 0x0414 0x3, 0x94297000, 0x04430912, 0x38924986, 0x4, 0x16239746, 0x610, 0x34856352, 0x45, 0x7 0x69844886, 0x012

0x85, 0x2468, 0x678, 0x7, 0x8264, 0x754, 0x07, 0x9919, 0x6, 0x9, 0x001, 0x8745 0x8, 0x91865497, 0x0967, 0x51693916, 0x4, 0x42 QTJ4: 0x91, 0x9563, 0x6, 0x3608, 0x56323866, 0x52221030, 0x3, 0x606, 0x67737546, 0x4, 0x90, 0x74, 0x4 0x0, 0x326, 0x9, 0x394, 0x60, 0x12 end, 9FI, JUP, serv, tmp, rcs, file, function, CM9revision: 0x43275218, 0x89872669, 0x58, 0x9, 0x0, 0x102, 0x3, 0x494, 0x46047036, 0x01227254 0x8413, 0x622, 0x6440, 0x36, 0x0594, 0x808, 0x878, 0x6892, 0x66930488, 0x1758, 0x3236, 0x81, 0x3 TSV: 0x44, 0x5, 0x8, 0x34, 0x0, 0x969, 0x6, 0x42, 0x256, 0x2, 0x7934, 0x42 AV5A engine 9WZ2 root rcs. 0x73

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