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1439. Nationwide UK
Subject: Nationwide Update Notification.
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 02:42:53 +0200

Dear Nationwide Building Society Customer,

During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and verification procedures, we have detected a slight error in your account information.
This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. A recent updates in our SSL server ( Due to slightly problem )
2. A recent change in your personal information ( i.e. change of address).
3. An inability to accurately verify your selected option of payment due to an internal error within our&processors.

Please update and verify your information by clicking the link below:

If your account information is not updated within 24 hours then your ability to access your account will become restricted.
Thank you.

Nationwide Building Society Account Review Department .

2007 Nationwide Building Society Bank Financial Group. All rights reserved

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