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1445. Helon Masampu
Subject: Foreign Investor.

Good Morning,

    Compliments of the season. I have been trying to reach you as my earlier mails were returned undelivered. That was why I hereby attempt to reach you again by this same email address due to a favor which I need from you. But first I will introduce myself, I am Helon M. Masampu and I am a good citizen of Liberia but presently in Accra Ghana, I came down to make enquires from a financial firm here in Ghana due to some private issue which I will disclosed to you, You must understand that all I need from you is your time, trust and understanding, If u must know I inherited a substantial amount of Treasure and I need a Foreigner to assist me get into the western country, to live permanently and to meaningfully engaged my inheritance in profitable investments of any sector in the Foreign economy.

    I sincerely do not have any knowledge in Financial investments and I do not intend to explain all details in this email for security reason, Your assistance to make my dream a reality, I will certainly reward you for your services.

    You have to understand that the reason I contacted you is that I was at the security company and the document that was showed to me clarify that the agreement was that the Foreigner should be present so to enable sign all legal document alongside with me been the legal son that inherited these treasures to avoid doubt and conspiracy.
For Further details please get back to me as soon as possible with

Full Names:
Contact Address.
Tel/Fax Numbers:

I await your response.

Yours Sincerely, Helon Masampu

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