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1449. Joan Hendris
To: Diseased V. Hopscotch <>

Hello My Dear,
I must apologise for berging this message into your mailbox without a formal introduction of myself to you, my name is Mrs, Joan Hendris, I live in this Address: Avenue 5 plot 175 Cocody Quaters Abidjan, Coted'Ivoire in West Africa. I am sending you this e-mail with all humility and every seriousness of heart..

Precise, I want to tell you that I really want to be in relationship with you. Though we really haven't met before now but it take one thing for two to be together in unity and peaceful life, which I will like to confide in you and also visit you as soon as possible.

I will be 25 years old by December 17. I weigh 58kg. I am a widow, I lost my husband recently, and I have an inheritance from my late husband. I am a teacher by profession and my husband is an Exporter and Importer in my country. My late husband deposited the sum $7.5 million us dollar with the BIAO OF COTE D IVOIRE. On his sick bed before his death he told me I should look for a trustworlthy man that will help me to transfer this money to his country for investment.

This is the reason why i'm contacting you, as I will like you to help me to transfer this money into your account for investment. Then I will prepare to come over to your country for the plan of the areas of investments, and i wish to live with you as family over there. My type of ideal man must be the honest type, caring, loving and forgiving as a devoted Christian. I do hate deceit and cheating in all its ramifications. I do not like a man that goes after everything in skirt. I detest alcoholics.

For my hobbies: I love listening to good music, reading of newspapers and magazines, good novels, watching adventurous films, swimming, table tennis and indoor games. I love going to holidays.
Age: Our difference in age means nothing to me as long as you love and remain faithful to me. This is my WORD.
Language: I can speak and write English, French and my native tongues fluently. Education: I am a graduate of Economics in the University of Dakar.
I was born and bred as Methodist. I was baptized so many years ago, and I am a confirmed member. I take my holy communion also. I am a full fledged member of the church founded by Wesley brothers the great singers. I will like to know more about you. I need to know more about your love life and Your hobbies?

Feel free to ask any question that agitates your mind because I want us to build a solid relationship, and please do send me your personal details including your mobile's number for easy communication.

With all my heart,
Remain blessed.
Joan hendris

Diseased V. Hopscotch <> wrote:

I'm not in this for a relationship, so lets keep this strictly professional. I will offer you marriage in this country, a visa for working in this country, a passport application to stay in this country, and anything else you need help for, but I want 3 million: half of what you bring over.

I will leave you the house,and I will go away leaving the house in your name. In two years, we will divorce legally.

This is not subject to negotiations, it's a lot of money, 3.5 million is a lot to start a new life for you and me.

joan hendris <> a écrit:

Hello dear ,
Happy and properous new year !
I read your mail this morning, the contents was quite understood but unfortunately 3 million is too big for percentage but if you are willing to accept 25% of the total sum, pls do rely but if not delect this email in your inbox.

So therefore, before i proceed, i will like to inform you that. If we are to become best of friend, we are to base our friendship on honesty, trustfulness, love, above all, open minded, this is because i do not want to experience betray of trust.

Consequently, Serving God is my top priority in life because i believes that nothing ever exists without the permission of God, this makes me to believe in the joy of friendship-a thing that has given me the opportunity of knowing you.

As a friend i neither consider color,class or religion in affiliating with people, From my contact with the knowledge of God and other life experience i have come to understand that no one is an ISLAND UNTO one self-for everyone needs the assistance of another in one way or the other.

Please let me quickly remind you that there is no danger in this very fund transfer as this is real and with sincere mind but you will have to assure me that you will not betray this trust and confidence that I am about to entrust in you by allowing this fund to be immediately transfer into your bank account for our investment.

Please I will like you to treat this project confidentially taking into consideration the fund involved. I will like you to send me your full contact address and your direct telephone number so that I can easily reach you.

I also need your bank details which I will take to the bank for the fund transfer to your accounts to commence and then once the funds have arrived your accounts I will join you over there immediately but unfortunately this is all I have from my late husband so I count on you to receive the fund there before I can join you I want this to be concluded next week infact before the weekend. Or perhaps you can contact the bank directly and introduce yourself as my late husbands foreign partner demand from the bank what is required for the fund smooth transfer to your accounts as certain info like your bank details and contacts will be required.

The Director of remittance dept.
Prof. Emmanuel Wayas
11 joseph anoma Plateau
26 BP 499 Abidjan 26
Cote D'Ivoire-West Africa.
fax:225-08493334v email:

My Barrister contacts:

01 BP 1274 ABIDJAN 01
TEL: +2250-05169478

Please demand of them immediately and let me know so that i can send you the deposit documents, please you can do this, tomorrow morning with the director, and also contact my Barrister, I am sure the director will be on sit, by the special grace of God before next weekending the fund will have been transferred then I will make the journey to meet you in person. please feel free to answer any question.
I will wait for your urgent response
Pls send me yours pic.
With sincere regards.
Joan Hendris

Diseased V. Hopscotch <> wrote:

3 million is not a lot when I'm probably taking all the risks. I could live a good life with this amount; surely you could too, especailly with 3.5 million.

You talk a lot about trust, honesty, love as a christian, god will help those who help others.if you want a successfull conclusion to YOUR predicament. Guarantees go both ways. I'm happy in my lifes situation, I have a guarantee of future success without you.

Believe me when I say your future is guaranteed with me, if you are as honest as you give yourself credit.

joan hendris <> a écrit:

Pls dont insult me i never tell that i'm in predicament why should you being using such statement? perhaps i cant be a begger becuase i needed assistant from you and if you insist that 25% is not ok by you, then you forget the business and bye forever.

Diseased V. Hopscotch <> wrote:

Sorry,I didn't mean to imply that you were. It's not personal, it's business. If you're not happy with this, we might as well call it a day. I'm not about to give you all that you need to carry on if there is the slightest chance you are not honest enough as you seem to be.

joan hendris <> a écrit:

Ok, so is that an indication that you are no loger intereted or you cant 25% ?

Diseased V. Hopscotch <> wrote:

Sorry, 25% is not enough. I'm not in this to have long warm showers with you, it's a job.

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