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1452. Dobby Textiles


Dear Sir/Ma,

Good day to you and we're glad to introduce our company Dobby Textiles and vacancies to you.

Dobby Textiles is a leading textile company fully based and operational in Dubai, U.A.E where we have our head office and factory. We produce textile materials such as Moha, Batiks and the famous Dobby fabrics for which the company is known for and named after. We are a household name in Dubai and we've reached high sales and awareness here in Asia and Britain.

In our bid to create global awareness and capturing the european market, we request the services of a company representative in the united states and would like to know if you'll be interested in working for us. We have a distribution network all over U.A.E and we seek a company representative in the united states.


The International money transfer tax for legal entities (companies) in UK and Dubai is 25%, whereas for individuals its only 7%.Therefore there is no reason for us to continue this trend of paying 25% tax, when we can afford to pay that of individual in order for us to record better profit after tax and at the same time creating employment for the people. That is why we need you and the basic reason why we are contacting you. Presently our company need agents to receive payment for our company clients in USA (in form of money orders and certified cashiers cheques or bank wire transfers) and to resend the money to us via Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer.This way we will be sure of making better profit after tax.

1. Recieve payment from Clients
2. Cash Payments at your Bank or Cashing stores.
3. Deduct 10% which would be your commission/pay on each payment received/processed.
4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage commission/pay to any of the offices you will be directed to remit funds to(Payment is to be remitted either by Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer) unless otherwise stated.

10% from each transaction made. For instance: If you receive $5000USD via cheques or money orders on the company's behalf, your commission will be 10% amounting to $500. At the beginning your commission will equal 10%, though later it could increase up to 15% depending on your attitude and dedication towards work.

You work independently right from your home/office without having to make contacts directly.
Your job is absolutely legal. You can earn up to $3000-4000 monthly depending on time you will spend on this job.
You do not need any capital to start up fees to get enlisted.
You can do the REP job easily without leaving or affecting your present job.v Employees who make efforts and work hard have a strong possibility to become managers.

You must be 18 years or older
You must be legally capable
You must be responsible
You must be ready to work 2-3 hours weekly.
PC knowledge, e-mail and internet experience (minimal).
And please know that everything is absolutely legal, that's why you have to fill a contract.

If you are interested in our offer, please respond with the following details in order for us to reach you on further instructions.

NAME --------------------------------
CONTACT ADDRESS ----------------------
PHONE NUMBER(S) ----------------------
AGE ------------------------------
SEX ---------------------------------

We'll be waiting to read from you soon.

Victor Larry

Head Office
Dobby Regional Office
Gulf Towers, 3rd floor,
Oud Metha Road,
Dubai, UAE.

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