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1490. Telvin Williams
To: "Dolores Wood" <critiquedsmuggler'>


The 500.000 us dollars is from the National Lottery which has made over 855 lucky individuals millionaires since its inception in 1994. Of the more than $11 billion paid out in prize money, $300 million in National Lottery winnings have gone unclaimed. National Lottery prizes have to be claimed within 180 days of the draw, or the prize is paid back into the distribution fund to benefit "good causes." Approximately$34 million is currently available for claim. If you have won the lottery but a claim was not made or was not successful,or winner was not notified due to error compensation check goes out to people that fails on this category.

Due to the mail you sent to me and on the part that i will have to send down your cheque to you which Sara Jam dropped with me .i will want you to know that your cheque will be sent to you via courier service and you are to know that it's going to cost you the sum of $240 Usd for me to send it down to you and also as soon as cheque is being dispatched to you i will send down to you the Tracking number to backup your cheque, so Make sure you fill this listed information .

Further more you should fill in your information as soon as you are ready to pay the $240 Fees for the courier service becasue i do not want your check to stay with me for that long.

1. Full name:
2. Telephone number:
3. Mailing address:

I await to hear from you.

Mr.Telvin Williams
+234 1 4715191

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