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1501. Euro Millions International
Subject: REF: OYL /26510460037/02

REF: OYL /26510460037/02
BATCH: 24/00319/IPD
Your ticket number: 023-0148-790-459 with Serial number 5368/05 drew
the lucky number: 29
Dear winner
Congratulations, you have just won yourself £1.5million in the satellite software email lottery conducted by EURO MILLIONS in which e-mailaddresses are picked randomly by software powered by the Internet.
Your email address was amongst those chosen this quarter and you are to contact our Financial Controller for Clearance. Here are the contact info:
Mr Mark Terry
Tell:+447045704488 +447045717254
you are to forward the following details to enable us clear your file for immediate payment:
1. Full Names: ____2. Address: ____3. Age: ____4. Sex: ___5. Marital Status: ____6. Occupation: ___7. Phone numbers: __8. Fax number: ___9. Country: ___10.Mode Of Payment (A)Courier Delivery (B)Bank Wire Transfer

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