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1538. Office Of Enrollment
Subject: Notice of Enrollment

Attention Potential Candidate:

You may now qualify for our unique University Education Program. For a limited
amount of students - No tests, classes, books, or interviews required*

Yourself, and a limited number of other candidates are invited to take
advantage of this Special Enrollment

Many different levels of degree's available in the field of your choice - 100%
Verifiable Documents will be shipped to you within 2 weeks.

CALL US 24-7 - This Special "Summer Session" Enrollment Ends Thursday July 12,
2007 @ Midnight.

1 ( 3 1 0 ) 2 8 1 - 6 2 4 8

Thank You
Meagan Seals,
Educational Counsellor,
Internet Admissions Office

*Education awarded on life and past work experience.

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