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1574. Patricia Hall Hall
Subject: please kindly help me ou


i am very sorry to approach you on this manner, please kindly accept my appology.i have very urgent need to contact you for a help,as i am writing you this mail , am in a great problem right now.first i want to introduce myself to you, my name is Mrs
Patricia Hall a citizen of United state of America.i got your contact on the net when i was looking for a reliable person and God fearing person who can help me
receive my late husband fund.i was married to Mr john odogwu.who was a Nigeria, i met him in Usa when he came to do his masters .it was from there that we got married, my parent disowned me because i married a Nigeria , the marrage was bless with only baby girl.He was very lucky to get employment at Shell ptroleum Development company(SPDC) Warri.where he was working as a site construction Engineer.he has worked for eight years before his untimely death.he died as a result of fire explossion which kill five people on the spot including my dear husband. almost of them where on the rig
Ever since my husband death, my husband brothers, his relative are all after his wealth,they have sold some of his properties including the house we are living , because the custom and tradition of thier place is that since he did not have a male child that the property and all his money belong belong to his brothers.and i only have only a female child for have been very bad for me ever since my husband death..

There was a money paid to me as my husband entitlement for his active service when he was in the (SPDC)$4.8m four million eight hundred united state dollars.the fund is in one the prime bank here in Nigeria which i will disclose to you as soon as you are ready to work with me to transfer this fund out immediatly before my husband relatives does not know about it
This money is the onlything that i have which i will use to take care of myself and my only daughter.i have plan to leave Nigeria as soon as this transfer is executed.

I want to present you as my late husband business associate before his death so that they can transfer this fund to you and as soon as this is done succesfully.i will travel with my only child to meet you for sharing of the fund.i promise to conpensate you with 30% of the total money.

i will foward your details to my late husband lawyer Barrister Vincent as soon as i receive your response to work with me. my late husband lawyer is the only person that know about this fund.he has agree to help me get all the necessary documents that will make the transfer legitimate without any problem and have this fund transfer out.he is the only person that will work with you since i am being manitored by my husband brothers.I will forward to you all my identification as soon as receive your response.
kindly send to us the following information
1)your full name
2)your contact phone number and your address
3)your occupation
Patricia Hall.

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