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1598. Julie Roux

Dear Friend,

I was formerly personal aide to ousted Haitian leader, Jean Bertrand Aristide who is now in exile in South Africa. I followed him to South Africa and i want to relocate to your country. I want to know if you can assist me to bring my money into your country and also help me to come over there.

A prompt response would be appreciated.

Thank You,

Best Regards,

Julie Roux.

After some encouragement:

From: Julie Roux
Subject: Responding to your mail....

Thank you for your feedback. I am sensible of your goodness to respond to my enquiry.

There are 2 important things i want to achieve through your help:

1) Migration (permanent) out of South Africa to your country for me and my family, and
2) Full removal of all my capital/funds to your country before our arrival.

I will require from you an invitation to help me secure visiting visas for myself and my three children to come to your country. I beleive that the issue for securing the necessary paper work to obtain our permanent residence status will come up after we have arrived your country and it will be effectively handled by an immigration lawyer?? I shall require your help then to locate a good immigration lawyer to work for us.

Also, i have my money (6.2 million u.s dollars) in cash and i will like to have your advise on how best you can help me to bring it over to your country prior to our arrival. My capital is legal. If you have a better and safe manner to remove it from here, then please let me know and I will assist in the arrangements from this end. In my personal effort, i plan to consult with a bank manager here to see what advise he can give on how best i can remove the money from here to your country.

I am awarding a 15% honorarium to you for your services.

Thank you and best personal regards.

Very truly yours,

Julie Roux...

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