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1644. Mr.Mensah Bouteng
Subject: RE:

Mr. Mensah Bouteng
Bank of Ghana


I should appreciate your surprise while receiving this letter. In any case, I am left with no option but to contact you in this manner. My decision to write to you was informed by knowledge that being established personally that you could be disposed to be part of this. If you don't want this business offer kindly forget it as I will not contact you again .I am Mr. Mensah Bouteng Director Cargo Department, The Bank of Ghana.Accra Ghana.

During the airlift of some presidential luggage to Europe I and my colleagues in the above department unanimously decided to include additional luggage containing US$8m (Eight Million United States Dollars) only for our own benefit though it was labeled "Photographic Equipment" for security reasons. I am obliged to contact you to assist us on getting the luggage cleared from the agent and delivered to you. As we have agreed on the following terms.

(1) All relevant documents to claim the luggage will be procure in your name to enable the agent deliver the luggage to your mailing address. (2) You will be entitled to a share of 30% of the total amount. (3)70% of the total amount will be for my colleagues and I.If this business terms and conditions are ok by you, kindly contact me on this mail address, also, furnish me with your full names, mailing address and your personal telephone / fax numbers, for easier communication for immediate forwarding to the agent in Europe.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Mensah Bouteng
Director Cargo Department

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