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1647. Cheng Finance Loan Company
Subject: HELLO DEAR -Loan Inscape Finance

I am Mr.Cheng the Financial / Marketing Manager of Cheng Finance Loan Company (C.F.L.C.) and the board of directors has just decided to start giving out loans to customers beyond the boundaries of the nation to finance projects.

I Was Browsing through the Prestigious Web and I found your Private Email Box Address on the Financial status LINK AND I thought that you will be needing a Legitimate Legal Loan More so, My Firm can do that within Hours and It will be Stress free because it sure is a Non-Collateral Easy Legitimate On-line Loan Application and Processing.

If interested contact me on this email and also with the details below.

(1) Furnish us with the exact amount of loan you want to finance your project.
(2) The preferred repayment duration which is going to suit your plans.

Note: Our maximum repayment duration is 10 years and no minimum (It is a Non-Colateral / Splendid StressFree Easy Loan Application). The interest rate is 3% per annum and our loan range is from $10,000 to $250,000,000.00 America Dollars.

I awaits your swift response.

Cheng Shao Zeng,
C.E.O Of Loan Rendering,
Nevada, Las Vegas,
United States.

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