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1683. Sagittarius Professional Finance
Subject: We Offer International Funding/Partnership Venture

94-96 Great North road.

Permit us to introduce our service to you .In this our loan scheme, tagged 'loan under two weeks'Sagittarius Professional Finance Plc our named reputable limited liability company in the British entity.

Our service- SGT Plc deals in areas of funds, bonds, grant and partnership with firms, corporations and esteemed individuals. We offer offshore unsecured (no collateral service loan) to customers worldwide.

Over the years, we have put into consideration the need for bodies and establishment in need for urgent cash either as a result of maintenance, expansion, establishment of a offices, Bankruptcy just to mention but few. In general, we offer Hotel loan, car loans, personal(domestic)loans, construction and working loan to reputable and existent men/women of the society at large. Take note of our flourishing stock market with a 50/50% share on company's earnings with shareholders.

Our service has been repositioned and standardized to meet customers demands in an economical way. Our interest charge is indeed reasonable, we offer hassle free loan service where by customers are allowed to make repayment over a long time span.

We also would be willing to be in partnership with firms either funding small loan firms, affiliation with companies/individuals in view of projects for us to invest in.

Customers willing to invest in SGT shares are also welcomed.

For details and interest in our service contact:

Mr Maskery Richard on -

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