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1688. Canadian Charity \'2007 num-162
Subject: We have a top job for you. id: 381

This message is of most weight to all EU candidates

We are happy to introduce you our new project.
This is a job prospect for EU residents only.

Requirements and benefits:

Monthly gross salary: USD 1800-3600 per month
Age limit: from 18 y.o.
Possible profession growth and promotion opportunity
Internet access, mobile or home phone number and the email
Part-time (2-3hr per day) and full-time employment (8hr per day)

Our organization Canadian Charity is looking for new candidates and collaborators in EU.

Become a part of our donating corporation that includes international donations to HIV 
positives, war refugees from Middle East and starving children from poorest European countries.
Our organisation does not charge or ask you to invest anything. We do not try to take 
your money. Our regional sponsors and investors from different European Union and 
North American regions have already accepted our deal and are now the investing affiliates 
in our multi-national donating program.

Cooperate with our investors during the donation process and get from 1500 EUR (1800 USD) 
up to 3000 EUR (3600 USD) income per month. Together we can make this system work with 
greatest efficiency and thus have an chance to ease the sufferings and minimize the needs 
of thousands of people.

This career opportunity you can request is the "Donating Assistant" (future promotion to 
"donating manager" is possible after 3 months of successful cooperation).

Please reply if you are interested in becoming a part of our program and EMAIL US>. 
We will then send you more details regarding to the position of a "donating assistant".

Thank you very much for your interest and for your wish to help the ones who really need 
our assistance and joint support.

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