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1752a. Adrian Slattery
Subject: Dear Friend

From The Desk of: Mr Adrian Slattery.
Direct Mail:


Dear Friend,

I hope my e-mail meets you well as we have actually been searching for any possible link or semblance with an individual that shares the same last name as one of our late private clients.

My name is ADRIAN SLATTERY, and I am the Accounting Administrative Manager of the H.S.B.C Private Banking Unit, a private investment arm of Natwest Bank Plc here in the United Kingdom. During the yearly preliminary in-house auditing of accounts, I discovered that a US$ domiciliary check-in account opened in October 1998 has been dormant since the January 2001. The total amount in this account is US$18.45Million Dollars cash call time deposit without accrued interests. Working together with the audit manager, we decided to investigate this account for more information. We discovered that the owner of this account, a foreigner & contractor with the Transport Department, who shares the same last name as you, died in the year 2000,leaving no heirs or next of kin whatsoever.

Presently, we are only two people in our organization with access to this information and we have decided to keep it that way and claim the money for ourselves using a third party who we will present as the next of kin to the deceased (Names Withheld). We will supply the necessary information on the deceased and ensure that the claim application is given immediate approval. Documents like the death certificate and the Next-Of-Kin Bio data form will be arranged by us and forwarded to you for onward submission to the bank in order for you to officially file for these funds under the auspices of an inheritance claim.

The project is risk-free, as we will use contacts that hold strategic positions in the bank to effect a successful completion of the project and also ensure that all traces of our mutual involvement are completely wiped off. This presents no problem, as all documented evidence will be under my supervision directed. It is important we claim these funds for ourselves immediately since such kind of time deposits automatically reverts to the British Government in the 8th year of dormancy, as stipulated by the Financial Act of 1987.

We have earmarked a commission of 30% of the total amount for you, 5% will be set aside to cover expenses on both sides, and 65% for us. Should you be interested in this transaction, please furnish us with 1) Full Names, 2) Date of Birth, 3) Residential Address, 4) Telephone and Fax Numbers. I will sure be contacting you soon enough.

Best Regards,

Mr Adrian Slattery.
Cell Phone #: 0044 7924 020 831
Direct Mail:

1752b. Mr. Couco Diarra
Subject: To You My Friend

Dear Friend,

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we have never met before. My name is Mr.Couco Diarra. I am now the bill and exchange manager in African Development Bank. I hope that you will not expose or betray this trust and confidence that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of both our families

I am writing in respect of a foreign customer of our Bank in which i am their account officer/Manager who perished along with his familyin the Korean Air Line flight number 801 with the whole passengers on 6th of august 1997 and for your perusal you can view this site

Since the demise of this our customer, I personally have watched with keen interest to see the next of kin but all has proved abortive as no one has come forward to claim his funds of US$11.3M (Eleven Million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which has been with our branch for a very long time.

On this note, I decided to seek for whom his name shall be used as the Next of Kin since nobody is coming for the fund again. The Banking ethics here do not allow such money to stay more than 10 years, because the money will be recalled to our Banks treasury as unclaimed fund after this period.

In view of this I got your contact through the Internet when I was making a research on a foreigner that I will use in this great opportunity because I don't want the money to be recalled to our Bank treasury as unclaimed fund. I have agreed to offer 40% of the total sum and the rest 60% will be for me.

The reason for a foreigner in the business is for the fact that the deceased man was a foreigner and it is not authorized by the law guiding our Bank for a citizen of this country to make the claim of the fund.So the request for you as a foreigner to come into the business is necessary, it will facilitate the release and transfer of the fund smoothly into your nominated Bank account as the only surviving relation to the deceased.

If you are really sure of your integrity, trustworthiness and confidentiality, and would not cheat or disappoint me after this business, reply with your telephone and fax numbers and Banking account details where you wish to receive the fund.

Upon receipt of the above mentioned information, indicating your interest in the business, I will send you by fax or e-mail a letter of application which you will type and send back to our bank to enable us start this transaction.

I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is risk free and doesn't have any negative implication. You should not entertain any fear as all modalities for the smooth and easy transfer of this fund have been finalized. This transaction will be completed within 14 bank working days immediately we start the business.

Waiting for your urgent response and please kindly delete if you are not interested.

Mr.Couco Diarra.
African Development Bank
Ouagadougou,Burkina Faso.

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