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1753. Scotland Bank
Subject: Account suspended Please Update
Fri, 17 Aug 2007 16:42:30 EDT

Enhance Security

Banking Online with Bank Of Scotland is about to become even more secure!
As a valued Bank Of Scotland and Halifax Bank customer, the security of your identity and personal account information is extremely important. We are installing Enhance Online Security as an additional way of protecting your Bank Of Scotland online access.

Enhance Online Security will allow Bank Of Scotland  to verify your identity from your computer - at home, at work or anywhere you bank online. When you access your account information, we'll know it's you. And you'll know that you've signed on to Bank Of Scotland online. This two-way process ensures that both parties are confident of each other's identity.
Every customer that uses Bank Of Scotland and Halifax Bank online Service for online banking will be required to activate Enhance Online Security.

Click on Internet Banking Log-in to Online Banking for the quick and easy process for activating Enhance Online Security for your Bank Of Scotland  account.


Thanks for taking the time to learn about our upcoming plan for Enhance Online Security - it's one more way that Bank Of Scotland bank makes your online banking experience better.

If you are not a UK resident, or are trying to access this site from outside the UK, please read this important message The Governor and Company of the Bank of Scotland, constituted under an Act of Parliament dated 1695, Head Office: The Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 1YZ

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