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1776. Assorted Food Conglomerate
Subject: JOB OPPORTUNITY HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Payments Managers Needed For New Quarter 2007
Assorted Food Conglomerate Limited
Unit 5, Wharram Street
Hull, HU2 0JB Humberside
United Kingdom.
Att: Prospective Candidate,
Have'nt read your resume on the jobsearch directory we are pleased to
offer you a place in our Work from home Job plan. We are an
International trading company involved in the sales and
cultivation of assorted food types from across 36 countries worldwide.
1.0. WHAT WE DO: We create a product and service exchange between
Customers and dealers, we deliver the goods to the buyer, he/she
and is satisfied with our product and then pays for the product
us. We are Just a middle man company (similar to escrow).
2.0 YOUR WORK SCOPE: We discovered that since we started business in
the USA and CANADA,we have been having problems getting payments from
our customers as it was very uneasy for them to send payments to our
offices,suppliers or
farmers directly considering the time frame required to process
foreign Checks (30 Days and Above).We decided to hire individuals over
the internet who will help us receive and
process payments in your country and then forward to any of our
offices or farmers which we
2.1. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Work at your pace,No selling Involved, No Kits
to Buy, No Advance
fees, we won't charge you anything,you won't spend anything to start.
3.0. COMMISSION: 10 of every transaction successfully processed and
forwarded  to our designated offices within and outside the USA and
Canada."Cash  In Hand" or "Cash at counter" is what we request this is
to speed up our supply  Rate,as well as satisfy our clients.Check
depositing is also encouraged depending on the amounts
5.0. WHAT WE ASK: Two free hours daily not including weekends,
Internet access for sending and receiving e-mails, available means of cashing
money orders/checks at your bank using your existing bank account or
a new account which you will make available.If you meet these
conditions all you have to do is make contact with us providing the
informations as listed below.
(2)Mailing address , City, State, Zip Code
(5)Marital Status,
(6)Contact Address
(7)Phone numbers/fax numbers
(8)Previous Occupation
(9)Position at Work.
To apply for this position,send the informations requested above to
the contact informations provided below.
Payments Processing Unit
Time: 24 Hours daily by e-mail
Collins Watson(United kingdom)
Hiring Coordinator, Human Resources

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