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1796. Euromillions FreeDraws
Subject: Euromillions FreeDraws 2007

Euromillions FreeDraws
PO BOX 370
Isle of Man
United Kingdom

Dear Prize Winner,

Here is another first from Play Euromillions- your chance to win in the
EuroMillions rollover draw. Most people will never

get the opportunity to play and win in UK Mega Jackpot EuroMillions-
especially when they live outside the United Kingdom.

The prize which has been built up from 10 Jackpot rollover is the biggest
in the E-LOTTERY Draws since its inception in 1997.

You have been entitled to a lump sum percentage from the lottery prize
pool of ?18,000,000.00 Euros. All the 10 lucky winners

were selected through a powerball e-Lottery software from accredited
websites listed online that were registered in this

draws, as part of our International "E-LOTTERY" Promotions Program.

Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our United Kingdom
Prize Processing Center. Our payments in European

Euros and Great British Pounds are issued in cheque by the Lottery
treasury board to be processed for cash disbursement by

our authorized bank. In view of this, your prize tier from this lottery
pool of ?18,000,000.00 Euros is payable by our

intermediary bank in the UK in accordance with financial regulations for
winnings disbursement.

For more information on your winning numbers, prize tier and requirements
for processing your cheque payment, please contact

our representative at Prize Processing Center (PPC) by email:

Prize Processing Center
Name: Mr Jason Karter
Tel: +447045721235

His official responsibility is to provide assistance relevant to fast and
efficient processing of your winnings entitlements.

He will be looking forward to your response. Congratulations from the
Winners Selection Committee of UK MEGAJACKPOT

Euromillions FreeDraws!

Best Regards,

Mr. Craig McAfee
Director, Winner Selection Committee
Euromillions FreeDraws.

  *Fast and Efficient Processing
  *Prompt Confirmation of Entry
  *Winning Results Checked Automatically
  *Free Email Service
  *Entry is 100% Confidential

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