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1798. Delixi Consults & Co.

Hi there,am Jeremy Wang and am an international human resource co-
ordinator for Delixi Consult and Wang associates here in Hong Kong.We
are seeking trustworthy and reliable individiuals to represent our
interests with our ever increasing customers in the U.S,Canada and
Europe.This message is send in english for universal understanding.

We deal in export of rice,tea and coffee to mention but a few of our
products.The duties of these Agent will be primarily to receive
payments on our behalf from our customers in their area of
location.Secondary duties will be that such Agent may also act on our
behalf as purchasing officers.Please note that this job offer is
specifically for people resident in Europe, Canada and the United

You can be compensated with between 7% -15% for your service. We
guarantee you a minimum of$2,000 monthly part time and can reach
$20,000 based on the volume and experience as time goes on. All this is
possible because of delay in getting approval for oversea branch.If you
are interested and for more information, please send an email with your
name and address and cell phone number and fax to Mr.Jeremy Wang in
charge of North American operation at:
Thank you.
Anna Sui(marketing),
for Delixi Consults & Co.

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